We’re sure you’ve begun looking for makeup artists in your neighborhood, and the easiest way to get some ideas is to follow the top makeup artists in Chennai on Instagram and Facebook. Whether you employ the same makeup artist or not, you will have plenty of inspiration to show the makeup artist the final look you decide on for your wedding.

We want to look our best at any event, whether it’s a cocktail party or a wedding. And who better to assist us than the god-sent angels known as makeup artists? These ladies are the ones that make sure we shine out on every occasion, from draping to styling and adorning our faces. Finding the greatest ones, on the other hand, is a difficult undertaking. But don’t worry because we’ve compiled a list (especially for you) of the greatest makeup artists in Chennai, so sit back and glam up, girl!


Kez is a professor turned make-up artist bringing in being real and natural on your big day revolution in the team of professional makeup artists who serve their customers with remarkable devotion. They have a staff of highly trained and talented specialists in the field of makeup and cosmetics. They make it a point to thoroughly listen to their requests and then deliver, consistently exceeding their expectations. They recognize that weddings are important events in people’s lives, thus they make you look your best. They do an outstanding job of knowing and delivering what the bride wants, enhancing the bride’s natural beauty. So give them the chance to make your wedding day exceptional and unforgettable for the rest of your life.

Photo Credts: Makeup_by_Kez (Instagram)

The bride-to-wedding be’s day is very memorable. A wedding is an important moment in a girl’s life since it marks the beginning of a new era in her life, and she wants to look her best on her wedding day. A bride’s wedding day is one of the most treasured and beautiful days of her life. Brides expect to look and feel their best on their wedding day. You should prepare ahead of time for your wedding makeup, so pick the best bridal makeup artist that has a lot of expertise with wedding hair and makeup. Getting married is a fantastic event. When it comes to your special day, you need everything to be perfect. You want your outfit to be the most beautiful it can be, and for everything to be just as you imagined, including your hair and makeup.

Aakriti Sachdev 

Aakriti Sachdev is a full-time makeup artist, beauty educator, YouTuber, and blogger, as well as one of the greatest bridal makeup artists in Chennai. She also holds classes and has a staff of helpers that work for her company, Mesmereyes Makeup.

Photo Credits: Akriti Sachdeva (Instagram)

She follows the newest bridal fashion trends. She can carry out any type of wedding project with aplomb, whether it is for a South Indian bride or a North Indian bride. She costs around Rs.25,000 each occasion and travels to different cities.

Vishnu Priya

Vishnu Priya, an engineer-turned-makeup artist, specialises in wedding, picture shoots, and party makeup. She is well-known for her eye-coloring abilities, but she also teaches cosmetic seminars and provides excellent skincare advice. She is a rising makeup artist who owns Vish-ualize Makeup Artistry in Chennai.

Photo Credits: Vishnu Priya (Instagram)

Her brides have the seductive wedding appearance that most South Indian brides desire. She appears to be an expert in the creation of traditional South Indian brides. The photos show how she maintains the bride’s skin looking natural and bright. The makeup does not appear to be applied. Her wedding package starts at INR 25,000, while her non-bridal package starts at INR 12,500.

Samantha Jagan

Samantha Jagan, an award-winning wedding makeup artist, is also a hairdresser and hair extension specialist. She is the founder of the high-end Wynk Unisex Salon, began her modeling career. Her passion for beauty and style, on the other hand, led her to pursue formal training to improve her makeup talents. 

Photo Credits: Samantha Jagan (Instagram)

That is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of her accomplishment as a cosmetics artist. She is currently a well-known cosmetics and hairstylist for celebrities. Her move into bridal cosmetics earned her instant success with brides. Samantha is an Instagram beauty influencer in her own right. It’s reported that getting her dates is difficult, so make sure you contact her well before D-Day. Her charges are available upon request.

Kavitha Sekar

Kavitha Sekar is a well-known makeup artist from Chennai. Kavitha Sekar, an internationally qualified makeup artist, and cosmetics educator, has a large fan base. She provides diversity to her talents because she has been taught by prominent beauty mentors such as Ojas Rajani from Mumbai, Tara Mohaddem from London, and Emilie Guillermin from Belgium. She has worked as a makeup artist for fashion shows, films, photography, and advertising. 

Photo Credits: Kavitha Sekar (Instagram)

Kavitha is an expert in bridal makeup and style, having worked with hundreds of brides. Her Instagram feed is a mishmash of styles, demonstrating that she’s adaptable enough with her airbrushing to pull off practically any look. She specializes in wedding and fashion makeovers and charges around INR 30,000 for bridal makeup and INR 6,000 for non-bridal makeup.

Suresh Menon

Suresh Menon has always been attracted by the realm of beauty and elegance. At the age of 18, he began his profession as a fashion designer. That, however, was insufficient to fulfil his thirst for a career in the fashion sector. As a result, he began working as a full-time makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. His expertise and craftsmanship have been a big success with his clients throughout the years. Though he has worked on various campaigns and runway events, bridal makeup has always been his specialty. Suresh provides makeup classes and advice regularly. He is admired not just for his gorgeous, long-lasting makeup, but also for his nice, patient demeanor.

Photo Credits: Suresh Menon (Instagram)

Olivia Anugraha

Artistry by Olivia is a fun cosmetics business in Chennai founded by Olivia Anugraha. Olivia specializes in bridal beauty, engagement shoots, and the days leading up to the big day. She provides hair and makeup, which is great for the bride who needs flexibility (or for the bridal party’s appearance). 

Photo Credits: Olivia Anugraha (Instagram)

She knows not to go crazy with the kajal on the lower lashline, so she smudges it out softly. She also keeps her lips modest and pink or nude. Her brides’ eyes are usually accentuated by circle lenses, making them appear larger. The end effect is so lovely that we are all willing to put our trust in her to make us appear nice!

Similarly, she provides a tonne of everyday cosmetic ideas on her Instagram feed, making it well worth following. Olivia, who has worked with the majority of the city’s best models, also often publishes cosmetic instructions on her Instagram account. The price is available upon request.

Sanchi Agarwal

Sanchi understands how to balance off a vividly colored element, whether it’s the eyes or the lips, with neutrals. She’s not the kind to put on unattractive rainbow colors or utilize colors that don’t fit you. Instead, she produces refined, elegant looks that are flawlessly blended, seamless, and luxurious. You finish up looking like a star walking down the red carpet, which is a huge advantage.

Photo Credits: Sanchi Agarwal (Instagram)

Her work is gorgeous and has a highly professional finish, from the quality and kind of lashes used to the way she corrects and covers the skin. Let’s just say she understands when to stop and not overdo it, but she will also make sure your features are highlighted so you look your best. What’s even better is that she utilizes the proper hues for dark complexion and looks stunning on all skin tones.

Sowmya Sudhan

Somya performs some pretty fantastic makeup work that opens up the eyes. Her method generally entails applying light and bright shade to the center of the lids and a deeper shade in the same color to the outside corners. She also uses diffused kohl and strong lashes to thicken the lash line and define the bride’s eyes.

Photo Credits: Sowmya Sudhan

She usually wears it with a bright lip. This is her hallmark style, but she changes it according to what you’re wearing. What’s nice about this is that it defines both the eyes and the lips, and it makes a bride appear dressed-up without being too colorful or all-over-the-place since she understands how to make the skin look wonderful by carefully putting and blending blush and bronzer.

Prakruthi Ananth

We like Prakruthi’s ability to create the sexiest, most smouldering cat-eyes with a flick of her wrist, as well as the greatest winged liner look. We adore her thin liner job and the way she keeps so close to the lashline to get a well-defined eye. Needless to say, she’s the ideal makeup artist for a bride who is infatuated with accentuating and framing her eyes with winged eyeliner or winged eyeshadow, as well as achieving that feline, foxy eye appearance.

Photo Credits: Prakruthi Ananth

Ratna MUA

Ratna has amassed a large customer base over the years due to her extensive cosmetics skills and understanding. Her makeup approach focuses on giving brides a natural appearance that enhances their attractiveness. She’s an expert in airbrushing, HD cosmetics, and hairstyling. She’s also willing to travel to her clients’ homes for makeup appointments. Put on your best glam!

Photo Credits: Ratna (Instagram)

Shobana Makeover

Shobana Makeover provides high-quality makeup treatments. They provide their consumers with some of the greatest cosmetics services available. Party makeup, bridal makeup, and beauty care are among their offerings. The highly skilled cosmetics crew use the most sought-after items to ensure that consumers are well-served for their money.

Photo Credits: Shobana (Instagram)

Siva Makeup Artist

Siva Makeup Artist is a one-stop-shop for comprehensive makeovers from professionals that have been in the industry for more than a decade. Siva Bridal Makeup Artist Chennai offers several types of makeovers based on the needs of the customer. Siva Makeup Artist provides personal grooming as well as current makeup techniques. We can turn an ordinary appearance into something unusual. We provide fashion, bridal makeup, event party, media, and film makeovers, among other services. Our company strives to meet every one of our valued customers’ needs.

Photo Credits: Siva Makeup Artist

Our organization provides all useful beauty solutions for clients, for all types of occasions, and has 20 years of expertise in addressing beauty issues. Our innovative hairstylists provide our clients with a fashionable haircut or an appealing hairstyle. We understand all of our customer’s needs, thus they rely on us extensively. The essential thing that we value the most is quality. We give consumers high-quality services to ensure that they do not have any adverse reactions. We make certain that these services are affordable to people of all income levels.

Makeup by Ibrahim

Ibrahim has almost ten years of expertise in the cosmetics profession. He specializes in bridal makeup and photo session makeup. Ibrahim is a makeup and hair artist who works on ads, films, and celebrity photo sessions. He exclusively utilizes items from major cosmetic brands like M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, and others since they provide the longevity and quality that brides demand. He has amassed a large fan following on Instagram as a consequence of his flawless bridal makeup and hairstyle.

Photo Credits: Makeup by Ibrahim

Weddings, regardless of country, are always large and complex affairs with numerous customs and traditions. Brides from Chennai, and indeed all of South India, are no exception. And, in the middle of all the lengthy ceremonies and customs must be observed, the bride must remain gorgeous throughout–an very difficult feat! This is when a competent makeup artist comes in. If you’re a bride-to-be looking for makeup artists in and around Chennai, keep reading because we’re going to restrict your search!

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