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Weddings in India are a great spectacle, and as anyplace else in the globe, the bride and groom are the stars of the show. Brides and grooms in the country, however, varied from one region to the next. This is because India is a nation of various ethnicities, languages, and cultures, and where there are many ethnicities, languages, and cultures, there will inevitably be many distinct sorts of people with varied customs and practices.

Although love is the universal thread that connects soon-to-be-married couples across the country, wedding traditions, customs, and even wedding attire vary according to races and cultures. The variety of wedding gowns for both the bride and groom in different regions of the country is a topic worth investigating, and this blog intends to do exactly that.

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While you may wear a lehenga to every conceivable occasion at an Indian wedding, dresses are a fantastic option during events like the engagement, sangeet, cocktail, or reception. We’ve featured several ladies who wore gowns to their receptions, so we thought we’d develop a one-stop list of all the brides that wore these reception dresses and killed it! 

So here are several reception gowns of each of these types that we saw on actual brides and that piqued our interest. All of these brides looked stunning at their receptions and wore lovely reception gowns in hues ranging from fashionable brights to understated and pastels. There are also some designer outfits included.

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Ball Gowns

This is the most dramatic gown a bride could choose—think drama and a lot of flair! This one has the classic princess cut, with its huge, full skirting, making it a gorgeous choice. This is a silhouette that would look well on various body shapes and makes a big statement! On such dresses, a train may add a lot of drama. Here are several brides that looked stunning in ball dresses at their receptions!

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Sheath Gowns

In comparison to the ball gown silhouette, the sheath cut gown is more body-hugging. The bottom of the dress isn’t as wide and falls more or less straight. This one has a fitted bodice and an attractive and simple shape that looks fantastic with embroidered fabric.

Mermaid Gown

The mermaid silhouette is beautiful and alluring, yet it is best suited to hourglass and voluptuous ladies. It’s a gown that’s incredibly snug and fitting from the top down to the knees before fanning out at the bottom. It may have a train, which may add a lot to the glam element. The main disadvantage is that some styles may severely restrict your ability to dance freely.

Empire Gowns

The empire silhouette is stylish and simple, and it occasionally resembles the sheath or A-line form. The empire silhouette is defined by a waistline that cinches in just below the bust (as opposed to the waist like in the a-line). This one looks great on various body types, but it’s especially flattering on thin, athletic figures, and it has a bohemian, vintage vibe about it.

A-Line Gowns

This is a more modest version of the spectacular ball gown that has recently been quite popular! The skirt for this one has a lot less volume than the ball gown’s, and this is most likely the style that is best-suited and flattering for any body shape. This seems traditional and may take several forms and designs, such as structured or free-flowing.

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When looking for the ideal bridal gown, you must first locate the ideal bridal store. There are several designers and design alternatives to pick from, but determining which one is the greatest and most suited to you is a difficult task. If you are a bride-to-be or know someone who is looking for the greatest wedding boutique in Chennai, look no further!

There are several wedding suppliers and designers to select from, but which one is the greatest and most suited to you is a difficult question to answer.

Sheers Boutique

Looking for a gorgeous wedding gown? Sheers Boutique, on the other hand, has a beautiful selection of wedding gowns with exquisite patterns for you to pick from. It is a wedding shop in Chennai that is difficult to overlook and should be at the top of every bride-to-list. be’s They not only provide ready-made dresses but can also tailor them to your specifications. Aside from the bridal gown, you may also select the accessories that match with it! Isn’t this store appealing to your ears and soul?

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Do you want a classic wedding with a contemporary twist? Kataria’s is Chennai’s greatest bridal store for this! This shop is one of the oldest and most reputable in Chennai, and it can guarantee you a fantastic and gorgeous bridal gown. Embroidered lehengas, textured fabrics, whatever you’re looking for, Kataria’s has it. The benefit here is that they can modify clothing based on your recommendations, offering your individuality and viewpoint on your big day’s dress!


Rangeela is a one-stop bridal shop. If you’re looking for bridal clothes and accessories that match your style and wedding theme, here is the place to be! It is one of Chennai’s most acclaimed and greatest bridal boutiques. If you’re looking for a wedding attire, Rangeela is the place to go. They have clothing in a variety of colours, patterns, and the most recent trends. Do you think this is the right spot for you to do your wedding shopping? We feel the same way!

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Anita Designer Studio

Anita Designer Studio is the greatest bridal store in Chennai if you want to go all out for your wedding and want a glamorous and costly bridal attire! Not only do the bridal gowns seem lovely, but they also exude a regal air. Every design is exclusive and one-of-a-kind, ensuring that your wedding appearance is exceptional. They feature a wide selection of lehengas and sarees for you to pick from for your wedding day appearance. If you have a big budget, this shop will provide you garments that are worth your money!

Nazia Syed

Nazia Syed’s bridal store in Chennai is a bride-to-dream-be’s. Her wedding store provides a variety of services such as bridal trousseau, sarees, and lehengas. She knows what your name is! Because of its quirky and varied patterns and colour schemes, Naiza Syed’s business is highly recognised for her bridal lehengas. You should come here if you like to explore and attempt something new yet fantastic. It’s a shop brimming with surprises.

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Hangar Atelier Bridal Wear

Weddings are a large event and occasion that people spend a lot of money on since it is such a memorable day. A great occasion necessitates a special attire that exudes elegance, colour, and refinement. These are some of the terms used to characterise the Hangar Atelier Bridal Wear shop. It is the greatest wedding store in Chennai for a variety of reasons, but its minimalistic approach to magnificent costume creation is at the top of the list. So, go to their store and see for yourself; you might discover what you’re searching for!

Sundari Silks

Sundari Silks, as the name indicates, specialises in exquisite and breathtaking bridal gowns. They have the greatest bridal wedding selection and are without a doubt the top bridal shop in Chennai. Their dresses are dreamlike and trendy, ranging from classic to modern styles. Whatever you’re picturing for your wardrobe, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at this store! Now that you’ve learned, don’t put it off any longer! Visit their boutique to locate your wedding gown.

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In Chennai, Evoluzione is a high-end, stylish bridal store. It is home to several excellent wedding designers. If you want to buy a bridal gown from one of the top bridal designers, here is the place to go! The costume options and styles will make it difficult to chose, but you will have your pick of many amazing outfits. This is a fantastic store for comparing several wedding outlooks from designers and finding the perfect one that shouts “you!”

Neharika Sarees

Don’t be misled by the Sarees portion of the boutique’s name. For your special day, Neharika Sarees provides wedding sarees, lehengas, and outfits! Neharika Sarees is known as the greatest bridal store in Chennai due to her on-time delivery and high quality. Even if you’re in a hurry and need your wedding gown right away, Neharika can help. Her store’s dresses are not generic, but rather stylish and attractive.

Sruthi Kannath

Sruthi Kannath’s art may be described in two words: classy and magnificent. The proprietor has developed and decorated the nicest bridal store in Chennai. Your wedding is all about you, and your wedding outfit should reflect that! Sruthi produces stunning clothes that will have you in tears. The methods and inventiveness used in the design demonstrate how distinctive her items are. So, if this seems like a business you’d like to visit, don’t hesitate any longer!

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