If you are still thinking about the days when lehengas used to be only red or golden, it’s high time that you realize that gone are the days when rubies, ranis, and red lehenga used to play a vital role in an Indian bridal lehenga trousseau. If you are planning to get married sometime soon and thinking about wearing a red Bridal Lehenga on your special day, then you might want to change your mind.

Let’s talk about the latest Indian bridal dresses doing rounds these days. You might have noticed that instead of that evergreen red lehenga, brides have been seen wearing other colors like golden, peach, pink bridal lehenga, and other pastel colors on their big day. 

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Indian bridal wear is known for its contemporary designs. Our millennial Indian designers are the fashion force who made cape sets and dhoti sets a big rage in India and also introduced a fresh color palette for brides. Their experimental traditional bridal wear including the ones with pants, belts, and capes has made ripples around the world. 

With Instagram playing a major role in wedding lehenga inspo, Sabyasachi is transporting the brides to their bridal dreamland. It’s no surprise that Sabyasachi lehenga has been creating ripples among Indian brides, and the hype is pretty real. The bridal lehengas come in the finest golden-work touches and are an epitome of elegance. Some brides have already rocked these classic red Sabyasachi lehenga in the recent past, and we can’t already wait to see more divas embracing this ensemble! 

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What further wows us is the ace design range seems to hail from different designers with dissimilar aesthetic senses. But well, that’s what the Indian design range looks like! At present, it is the blush pink lehengas that have caught brides’ fancy. So many brides have been opting for the refreshing pink bridal lehanga that comes decked with the designer’s signature floral embroideries and a flowy silhouette! It is the new favorite among brides.

A bridal lehenga also holds a special place in our hearts. Today, fashion has evolved dramatically from the past decades. Now, the wedding is all about experimenting with your gorgeous bridal ensembles. Also, the new age brides are boldly mix-matching the colors of their lehengas to express their style.

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With thousands of bridal wedding lehenga designs, colors, patterns, it is quite troublesome to pick that one attire that can give you an extravagant bridal look. We’re sure after reading this blog, you will have a thorough idea of how to choose the bridal lehenga for your special day.

Shine like Gold:

Classy, subtle, and regal, golden is the color that perfectly complements the new Indian bride, who oozes oodles of exuberance. Golden bridal lehanga To maintain a sophisticated balance, other parts of the silhouette should be kept subtle. Golden is certainly the new red for those who prefer classiness and breath unconventionality in their style. Every color comes in different shades and tones, so when opting for gold, choose the shade that will be perfect for you.

The best part is, it complements the Indian skin.

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Pastel takeover:

Pastel-colored bridal lehenga looks gorgeous. Surprisingly, most darker girls feel pastels don’t look good on them. But put a beautiful mint green or a warm pastel pink against your skin tone and it radiates as does dusty pink. Icy cool pastels sound perfect. Pick Warm Pastels, Pale Gold, Burnt Oranges, Emerald green, Dusty pinks, Peach family. Glacier Gray tops the list. Also, try contrast in your makeup. 

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Offbeat is the new beat:

Whether we are on our Instagram feed or attending a wedding, when we spot a bride in something unconventional or quirky, we are instantly drawn towards her outfit. That is indeed the power of doing the unusual and standing out. And, let’s face it, which bride does not want to stand out on her wedding functions!? So, if that is something you too aim for your wedding functions then today we have found ultimate offbeat color combinations which are unlike anything you’ve seen before but worth it. 

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Dull colors do not dull you:

If you want to wear something muted, even dull, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you feel that color completely suits your personality and your looks. Even if it is a dull yellow; a light green, or just straight-up brown. If that is what you want, that is what you should go for. Especially if it’s a day wedding.

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Say yes to White, in White:

No one gave the onus to the groom to wear a crisp white sherwani and for you to look like a contrasting embellished doll! Plus, think of all the opportunities you will get to style the accessories if you are sporting a completely white canvas. This will especially also work if you want to give your look to be pristine and stunning.

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Go lowkey if you want to:

If you go for a “lowkey” look, it is completely ok. A structured lehenga in subtle colors and cocktail jewelry can work just as well as any typical bridal outfit. You need to feel comfortable and that is all there is to it, so if you don’t want layers of both clothes and jewelry it doesn’t matter.

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Go OTT if you want to:

If you want to be the bridiest bride that there is, be that! Don’t listen to anybody, even us, and be your most stunning self! Invest in all the wonderful pieces you see at jewelry stores and get that designer lehenga. It is your big day, and if you want to go big too -you should!

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Your jewellery will speak volumes:

Bridal jewelry is as important as bridal lehenga, so jewellery is also significant in wedding shopping. Jewellery should be outstanding which should completely get a match with bridal lehenga in which bridal should look breathtakingly gorgeous. Along with the best bridal wear, you should also inquire about splendid jewellery.

For the tall brides:

Break the color monotony with a dual-toned lehenga or the one with a broad border in contrasting color. Remember, broad-bordered lehengas look great on taller body frames. With a tall body frame, you can experiment a lot. Opt for a lehenga with bold and bigger work. Doing so will make your look more impactful. If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it!

For the short brides:

Opt for a lehenga adorned with intricate and dainty designs. Choose light and breezy fabrics. Stiff fabrics will further make you look shorter. Your lehenga should not have a thick waistband. Go for the one with no or minimal waistband. Refrain from wearing a lehenga replete with horizontal work. Choose a lehenga with vertical adornments like panels and paisleys instead. The vertical work will create an illusion of height and make you look taller. Lehengas with broad borders are also a big NO. You must consider choosing a borderless lehenga or one with a minimal border.

Mistakes to avoid while choosing your lehenga:

Stop rushing:

Your wedding date has been taken out a year in advance, that doesn’t mean you start lehenga shopping! You don’t want your bridal Lehenga to be outdated. Keep an eye out for the latest designs, start doing some online research, start your shopping only 6 months before the big day – that way your lehenga won’t become outdated!

Do your research thoroughly:

The research will never fail you, especially when you are getting married. This is something that a lot of brides forget to do, the online research before starting to visit the stores – start following all the bridal inspiration pages, so you will have an idea about the latest bridal trends. This will also help you have a clear idea beforehand of what you want and what you do not want. Have a tentative idea of your dream wedding lehenga in mind, and try getting something as close to it as possible- but keep an open mind!

Have an open mind:

We know that you have your dream bridal lehenga on your mind, but that doesn’t mean that you will only think about that particular lehenga. Do not get stuck up on one particular type that you have- have an idea, but go shopping with an open mind! At the end of the day, what matters is that you look good on your big day. Do not stress on one particular hue of a shade, see options, but be open to the idea of liking something else too that maybe suits you more.

It’s okay to skip trends:

We know that 2021 is all about trends and fashion, but something might be trendy at the time of the wedding, but might become outdated just 6 months later! There is always an option of recycling your lehengas even after your wedding, so make sure that you pick something that will stay on trend forever, or at least till you get bored of it. Yes, your wedding photos should have this timeless quality about them, so choose your ‘trends’ wisely.

Do not cross your budget:

We are sure that the first thing after fixing the dates of your wedding, must have been the budgeting of your big day. If a certain designer or lehenga is out of your budget and you know it – just do not try it on for fun. It might make you like the lehenga and if you end up not being able to afford it, you might hurt your feeling. Nothing else you pick might match up to it and might pale in comparison, making it much harder for you to zero in on something more within your budget.

Your lehenga and jewellery go hand-in-hand:

If you are someone who likes to go for the real deal, then this point is directed at you. If it’s artificial, then it can work the other way round. Polki, Diamond, or Jadau Jewellery is a bigger investment than the bridal lehenga, and you should work the lehenga around the jewellery and not the other way round!

Forgetting about your body type:

Just because that lehenga looked fab on the model doesn’t mean it will look amazing on you too! Everybody has a different body type and structure, so make sure that you get to know your body type first and then get something that suits you, not blindly picking up something you like. For example, broader horizontal borders on the lehenga skirt will make a short bride look shorter, and if you have a heavy chest, a blouse in thick fabric with work on it will make you look top-heavy- so work the lehenga around your body to make sure it flatters you!

The fabric should flow on your body:

Flowy, stiff, rich- bridal lehenga fabrics are of a lot of types, and you should pick one according to your needs and the final look that you want. Yes, the work might be pretty, but the fabric is super important for the final look and your comfort too!

Give equal attention to your blouse:

Most of us obsess more over the skirt of the lehenga- it is, after all, the showstopper on a hanger. But always remember that your lehenga skirt will only show in full shots or sitting shots, and the blouse and the dupatta- in every shot that has your face! So pay a lot of attention to them as well!

Alteration should be done:

There is a lehenga shopping timeline, and you should aim to stick as much to it as possible! The fittings matter and a lehenga need to be ordered in time to make sure it’s ready on time with extra time in hand for some additional tweaks and trims!

What’s up that sleeve?

Notice how this bride’s sleeve length is so flattering? This is crucial for your lehenga to be perfect! The fit of the blouse can literally make or break your bridal look. 

Be realistic:

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and most of them try and lose weight for the big day, but be realistic in your expectations when you give your measurements- it’s easier to alter something bigger than ordering something too small and being uncomfortable in it.

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