A POV: You are getting married in your dream dress, in a picturesque wedding venue with glowing grins from everyone around you. Now imagine if these moments could be captured at their best while those smiles last. These images are usually a delight to the eyes, but occasionally it is great to change things to different wedding photos with unique poses and outfits. 

In this digital day and age of social media where Instagram approval has become the most important thing to consider, aren’t weddings all about aesthetic photographs and creative photographers these days? So if you are about to get married, one of the important things to consider is your wedding photography and pre-planning your whole mood board for your big day.

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Pre-wedding photoshoots are now becoming the most talked about things in the town, and you need to make sure that those pictures come out as good as possible. Wedding photoshoots are the best when it doesn’t take a second look to get those magical moments in. To get these flawless pictures of those adorable moments, you need to start by exploring what interests you the most as a couple and somehow make it happen in the photoshoot. You don’t even have to worry about a thing in this tech-savvy world as you can do any experiment with these creative photographs.

Creative photographers always find something magical and surreal with couple/wedding photoshoots. It is not just one thing, a good picture comes to light when a lot of things come together. Be it the couple’s coordinating outfits, their interactions during the shoot, or it could just be them, being themselves or the way they bring the love and connection to the table, they make the pictures look magical.

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Photographers usually make it a point to know the couple before actually going for the shoot, this process helps them in creating a beautiful mood board for the upcoming photoshoot. This mood board creates a huge difference during the shoot day. The trust they have in the photographers will reflect in the photographs. The comfort will show through the poses and smiles. There are a lot of poses you can experiment on couples that will work perfectly almost every time.

There are a lot of ways how photographers can capture them at their rawest. In this article, we are going to see some of the best ways to shoot these couples in the most creative ways. Give creative freedom to the couple as well, let them interact with each other, make funny jokes about things, pull someone’s legs, crack an inside joke, etc. This method helps the couple relax and feel free in front of the camera along with the people on the location. When there are movements and moments in the photographs, they talk for themselves. These kinds of pictures and frames will feel very natural. 

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There are many important decisions to be made before going for your pre-wedding photoshoot, be it your or your partner’s outfit, like discussed earlier, the makeup, or the best place for the shoot. You don’t have to worry anymore, as we have listed down some of the best places in India to get a pre-wedding photoshoot done.

Amid the royalty of Jodhpur

When they use words like heritage, class, royalty, they usually mean the city Jodhpur. If those are some of the terms that intrigue you for your pre-wedding photoshoot, then out of all the elegant locations in India, Jodhpur stands tall. If you want your pictures to tell a story when you upload them on the gram, you should probably start putting together a mood board that includes Jodhpur as your first location.

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In the god’s own country

Love always deserves to be captured in its purest form, and what better place to capture at its best than Kerala? Amidst nature and as you take a ride into the backwaters of Kerala you will find the hidden gems where you can make the best out of your shoot. As imagined, it is one of the dreamiest locations for a pre-wedding photoshoot in India. When we say that every frame captured in Kerala will make it magical for you and will beautifully highlight the romantic angle of your love story, bringing out the best of your relationship, we aren’t joking.

Photo Credits: Shaadi Plans

Not just a party town

What can you come up with when you hear ‘Goa’? No, we are not talking about those canceled plans or partying late at night. This time, we are romanticizing Goa for all the right reasons, and one of them is destination pre-wedding shoots by the ocean. Can you connect the adjectives captivating, surreal, and refreshingly romantic to Goa? No? We are saying that this city perfectly brings out a tropical theme. The photos come out to be drop-dead romantic, and the beach backdrop elevates the scene x10 times. 

Photo Credits: Sandesh Shigvan Photography

By the iconic world wonder

Here’s a thought, imagine that you are from the Mughal era, and your king builds you a beautiful white marbled wonder. That’s the thought you should be having during your pre-wedding photoshoot to get all the elegance in every frame. It is called the symbol of love for a reason, and we are in love with the fact that you might be shooting at the same location putting all your friends and family in awe. Taj Mahal is for couples who believe that believes in fantasies and dreams. This white marble monument is more than just a tourist spot. 

Photo Credits: Witty Vows

That’s how the French do it

If you are still wondering how then you need to pack your bags now and go to Pondicherry to make it happen. A glimpse of yellow hues along with the shades of blue, yes we are talking about the French colonies in Pondicherry. If you are still skeptical, then we are here to confirm that this location is definitely built for pre-wedding photographs. Add some vibrancy and elegance to your frames with the colorful streets, scenic views, and the vibe that Pondicherry oozes. The city is bound to make anyone fall in love with it. If you haven’t already, then you need to pick out your best outfits and head to Pondicherry to see what the fuss is all about!

Photo Credits: 1 Plus 1 Studio

Now that you have chosen your desired location, you have to set a mood board for your pose ideas too, and the best way to do that is the internet.

Get filmy

Try and remember some of the most iconic scenes from the movies, and now recreate them in your creative way. People may forget who was in the film, but they will never actually forget the iconic pose that made all the headlines. For your pre-wedding photoshoot, recreate all the legendary moments from those iconic rom-com films, and make everyone turn their heads. Make yourself super comfortable and accept these poses with your arms spread out wide with your partner right behind you, like that iconic titanic moment. Go for an elegant gown design and ask the love of your life to suit up!

Photo Credits: Shaadi Wish

Books are your friends!

Are you a book lover? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter. Libraries and rooms filled with books have a vintage yet rustic feel to them. Make your picture literally tell a story by adding some depth to it. Imagine meeting your soulmate at a library and falling for them instantly as they are standing there at the fiction section, looking for a book to read. That’s exactly the scene you can recreate and add a modern twist to it for your pre-wedding photoshoot. The romance and aesthetics that a library brings to your photoshoot and wedding films will always stay unmatched. Look for books that will match your mood board and arrange them to create a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photoshoot.

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Have you asked them out on a picnic yet?

If you ask us to choose an activity for your romantic date, we would say Picnic. Picnics are definitely one of the most underrated date activities. If you have not asked your partner on a picnic date yet, then this is your chance to utilize this romantic photo op and create some of the most adorable frames along with them. Live your moment, put on some vibrant summer clothes, and carry your basket along with you to make it look even more authentic. Picnics are the cutest and most romantic ways to spend time with your partner amidst nature. Take a trusted photographer along with you and ask them to capture those candid banters and adorable moments while you are not looking, letting the magic unfurl by itself.

Photo Credits: Wedding Wire

Row, Row, Row the boat!

By now, you would have guessed where we are getting at! Drop the cliched picking them up in a chariot or a limousine for a date, instead hire a boat and pick them up in a riverbank, dressed up most beautifully on a full moon night. This photoshoot will turn out to be the dreamiest wedding photoshoot ever. Take some props with you, and make sure that you get shots under the full moon to make it even more romantic. If you want, get a decorator on board, and glam up your boat for the photoshoot according to the theme that you are going for. Be it flowers, lamps, candles, get everything romantic done to your boat. Recreate your school prom/farewell scene and wear the best floral gown or a flowy saree and ask your partner to either suit up or wear some of his best formal outfits to add drama to the shoot. Row the boat to a secluded lake and exude romanticism in every frame possible. 

Photo Credits: 1 Plus 1 Studio

Have you ever dined by the beach?

Dancing with your partner, having candle dinner, walking down the candle aisle like it’s your wedding, how many times have you replayed these scenarios in your head? Well, it is time that you make them all come true by arranging a date night by the beach. How can you go wrong with that kind of pre-wedding photoshoot idea? This idea will be romantic in every aspect possible – just carry a bottle of wine, a cheese platter, a wooden table, and some bright fairy lights to create a fairytale ambiance for all your frames. The sea in the backdrop will add that extra jazz to your pictures, making them as adventurous as possible for your Instagram feed.

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Say yes to adventures!

When we say that underwater isn’t just for aquatic animals, we mean it. We have some amazing theories to prove that statement, but we have rather decided to make you realize that by yourself. If you are someone who is always chasing that adrenaline rush, then this is the right way to get romance in. Swimmers, are you listening? Now, there are countless venues and aquariums where you can propose to your fiance in the most romantic way possible. These underwater photoshoots are now one of the most trending pre-wedding photoshoot concepts. If you are in need of some inspo, just watch any of those action movies where the protagonist takes the risk to propose his girl in the most dramatic way possible. Go for some nice contrasting colors for your outfits and make sure that the photographer you choose is also on the same page when it comes to taking risks.

Photo Credits: Weddings Only

Be it the rain, the woods, the sea, anything, and everything can be a creative prop to your wedding photoshoot. Go crazy, add that extra filmy jazz to anything pose that you strike! Don’t be afraid to get drenched in the rain, cling on to your partner like it is nobody’s business. Treat every opportunity that you get like it is your best shot at creating something magical. Go the extra mile with the colors that you choose to wear, take the craziest outfit inspirations, wear the ones that you never thought that you would wear. There is literally no rulebook that measures the perfect amount of drama and romance, so this is your shot at being the best model you will ever be. Sport your best attitude and boss up for every frame possible.

Creativity doesn’t just stop with one idea, or it doesn’t have to be a million ideas put together. There is no right way of doing this, think outside the box, get totally dramatic and make everyone around you feel the heat. But keep in mind to not try too hard. Be natural in front of the camera, because there is nothing sexier than being comfortable with yourself while also pushing your boundaries a little bit.

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