The wedding day is one of the most significant days in anyone’s life! You’re starting a new life with your sweetheart. It is the day when you change from a carefree individual to a responsible spouse. And we are confident that you would have made all conceivable preparation for the celebration, from fine jewellery to a rich wedding cake, as well as high-quality cuisine and the nicest decorations. Furthermore, there is no use in assuming that you would have chosen the greatest wedding ring.

However, it is also critical that all of the unique moments of the wedding day event be preserved in the greatest way possible. You must recognize that these are the times that will serve as a reminder of your marriage in the years to come. And who better to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding day than a professional photographer?

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Most individuals, however, make the mistake of asking a friend to shoot photographs at their nuptials. As a result, the bride and groom are absent from the bulk of the snaps. Some couples are even left without photographs of their ring ceremony.

Yes, that seems ridiculous, but it is true. Please do not make this error! A skilled photographer will not only shoot the greatest photographs but will also tell a lovely tale about the wedding celebration. As a result, choosing one will be the finest option you make for your wedding celebration.

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And to assist you in your search for the top wedding photographers in Chennai, our staff has compiled a list of the most well-known names in the art of photography from throughout the city.

Types of Wedding Photography

Good wedding photography is always the result of extensive and time-consuming planning. The first thing you should do is decide on a photographic style to follow with your potential clientele. If you’re not sure what wedding photography styles to give, read about the 10 fundamental types, as well as my wedding photography suggestions, and pick the one or ones that appeal to you the most.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Spectacular wedding photography is always the result of extensive planning. The first thing you should do is decide on a photographic style with your potential clientele. If you’re not sure what wedding photography styles to give, read about 10 fundamental types, my wedding photography suggestions, and pick the one or ones you like most.

Posing normally takes up a lot of time in this sort of work. Newlyweds can share their thoughts and desires about the content of their photos and the appearance of their future photo albums.


Artistic Wedding Photography

The emphasis on imaginative elements distinguishes artistic wedding photography. Its primary goal is not merely to record significant occurrences. A professional photographer who works in this genre aims to create a picture that resembles a work of art. To obtain this appearance, careful attention must be paid to lighting and composition. Furthermore, such photographs need meticulous and time-consuming preparation and image manipulation. Work certainly pays off, and such innovative images will never go out of style.

Natural Wedding Photography

Many wedding photographers opt to use natural light rather than a flash. This method is ideal for outdoor weddings. The majority of such modern wedding pictures are often taken during the so-called Golden Hour when the lighting is ideal for producing high-quality shots with a preponderance of soft and warm hues. To begin working in this genre, you must first grasp the fundamentals of working with light, shadows, and white balance settings.

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Editorial Wedding Photography

If you enjoy following the creative trends of glossy publications, you will love this style. Wedding photo sessions of this type entail the development of fashion-based images with high-quality settings and unique postures. You should read popular periodicals regularly to stay up to date on the latest ideas.

Documentary Wedding Photography

This is a wedding photography style that focuses on capturing genuine feelings. It does not entail posing, unlike many other genres. Working in this approach necessitates the photographer being inconspicuous to the guests while keeping an eye out for all of the critical moments. They may obtain extremely vivid and emotive images this way.

To work in this field, you must have vast expertise and excellent skills. A skilled photographer should be able to swiftly focus on the most significant details and capture the most moving moments. A true professional should also be able to quickly modify the camera settings to correctly put the essential accents.

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Vintage Wedding Photography

The vintage wedding photography style is really popular right now. People enjoy the nostalgic sense elicited by such photographs. Furthermore, current retouchers employ many photo effects that may transform any image into a throwback photograph. Many newlyweds perform their wedding ceremonies in a rustic manner, demonstrating the importance of this trend.

Black and White Photography

Some individuals like colour photographs, while others prefer the simplicity of black and white photographs. Many photographers convert their colour photographs to black and white to conceal problems in the lighting. This is a wedding photography style in which the primary attention is on things.

Commercial Wedding Photography

This is a wedding photography style in which the major attention is on different items such as a cake, decorations, and flowers. Wedding photography for commercial purposes is more formal. Photographers that specialize in this area may produce magazine-quality images.

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Creative Wedding Photography

This popular method combines wedding photojournalistic and conventional traditions. It is frequently used in engagement photographs. The attention on composition, backdrop, and lighting is the distinguishing quality of this style. This style of filming means spontaneity and the expression of genuine emotions.

There are also some characteristics of landscape photography since the great emphasis is placed on the background. It should be the aesthetic foundation of the photograph, together with the newlyweds’ sincere emotions. To be successful in this genre, you must first learn the fundamentals of landscape photography.

Aerial Wedding Photography

If you want to keep up with the newest picture trends and produce one-of-a-kind wedding photos, you must grasp the aerial photography style. It should be noted that work in this genre necessitates the use of specialized professional equipment. To begin, you must have a nice drone with an HD camera mounted. The breathtaking vistas will be captured from a bird’s-eye view. The composition is not important in this approach because every shot looks excellent from a high viewpoint. If the wedding ceremony is mostly held indoors, there will be plenty of opportunities for overhead photographs.

Destination Wedding Photography

Based on the name of this wedding photography style, it is evident that its major objective is to shoot individuals in locations far from their homes. Such photo sessions are usually held in foreign nations. This direction encompasses a variety of styles. First and foremost, considerable attention is devoted to the background here, implying that aspects of landscape photography are there.

There are also numerous creative nuances and aspects of the photojournalistic genre. Also there are elements of the editorial style shot, in which each photo is treated similarly to photographs generated for magazines, with a concentration on architectural and cultural themes.

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Dramatic Wedding Photography

This is one of the most glitzy, dramatic, and staged wedding photography styles. Lighting is really important in this scene. To achieve gorgeous shadows and silhouettes, you must first understand how to deal with them correctly. The photographs in this style are distinguished by intense backlighting. With their assistance, you may make unique portraits. Keep in mind that you will need to devote a significant amount of time to perfecting the skill of working with extra off-camera flashes.

Chennai Wedding Photography

Photostrophe works under the premise that every assignment is not just an event to be covered, but also the beginning of a precious relationship with the client. Aside from their honesty, rigorous preparation and inventive perceptions enable them to capture the most beautiful moments throughout wedding celebrations in the most accurate methods.

And none other than their Founder Director, Mr. Raghu Lakshminaarayanan, who is the creative mind behind the organization, is the testimony of their talent.

Impress Stills

Mr. Vijaykumar launched Impress Stills, which is one of the biggest photographic firms in South India. The company’s purpose, as the name says, is to leave a lasting impact on the lives of its clients. And they have been pursuing this aim rigorously, as a result of which they have been nominated twice for Kodak’s best photography award.

Photo Credits: Impress Stills

Focuz Studios

Every event at Focuz Studios is planned to wow consumers with beautiful images. With Directors of Photography Mr. ChandruBharathy and Mr. Saranraj Annamalai, this studio is proud of the high-quality gear that it employs for wedding events and feels that the cutting edge technology that they use is critical to the high quality snaps that they produce.

Photos Credits: Focuz Studio

Studio A

Mr. Amar Ramesh founded Studio A in 2010 and it now boasts a thriving staff of photographers, cinematographers, editors, writers, and studio managers. And it is because of this experience that the studio can make a significant impact in the lives of many couples in the Chennai region. Their mission is to assist you in capturing your important moments of the day in the most creative of ways.

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Yadhu Photography

Yadhu Photography is highly renowned for its high-quality images and was named Wedding Photographer of the Year 2014-15. But it’s the way they put the images together that distinguishes them. This company is undoubtedly shaking up the photographic market in Chennai by using high-quality textured paper and giving a choice of compilation possibilities.

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Fotozone Chennai

Fotozone, experts in candid wedding photography, is a safe choice if you want to inject some spice and fun into your wedding photos. They also provide live candid wedding shoots, in which the whole wedding ceremony is captured and shown to the full audience via a live relay. Doesn’t it seem like fun?

The HIQ Photographers

HIQ photographers have 18 years of expertise and cover a wide range of wedding styles, from candid to traditional. If you hire them, they will accompany you throughout your wedding journey, from pre-wedding to honeymoon shots. Finally, Mr. Murali Raju, a competent veteran, is at the forefront of the services supplied by HIQ Photographers.

Photo Credits: HIQ Photographers

Bhalaje Photography

If you are planning a high-end wedding, this is a photography studio that you should strongly consider. Aside from photography, Bhalaje Photography also provides wedding planning services, and its 3000 square foot air-conditioned studio, which they utilize to shoot family photos, is a one-of-a-kind product.

Fifth Angle Studios

Fifth Angle Studios is the place to go if you want creative wedding photography in Chennai that combines creativity with camera technology. We enjoy how they document every wedding tradition to capture the spirit of your wedding day. Aside from that, we adore their creative pre-wedding shoots.

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Zero Gravity Photography

Zero Gravity, one of the top wedding photography services in Chennai, creates stunning wedding portraits. We particularly enjoy their wedding teasers or audio-visual compilations, which brilliantly encapsulate the love tales.

Photo Credits: Zero Gravity Photography

AA Photography

If you want a modern approach to your wedding photography in Chennai, we propose AA Photography. Their candid photography is well-known for its artistic value. Each shot has a bright and brilliant frame, as well as a whimsical use of light.

Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography

If you’re looking for a technologically savvy wedding photographer in Chennai, go no farther than Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography. They work with cutting-edge technology and equipment. They also specialize in live streaming and flying cameras.

Dark Chamber Studio

A collection of photographers who are passionate about telling wedding tales. We enjoy their wedding films, which highlight the beauty of Indian wedding ceremonies. If you’re planning a conventional wedding in Chennai, Dark Chamber Studio can be a good option.

Vipin Photography

Vipin Photography’s pre-wedding shoots are very appealing to us. Their broad views in architectural locations beautifully capture the wonderful grandeur of love stories. The best thing is that they also provide post-wedding services for those of you who want to keep recording your lovely love tales.

Photo Credits: Vipin Photography

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